Renewing Ipl Lamps And Laser Lamps

Renewing IPL Lamps, renewing handpieces, problems on cooling systems of IPL and etc.. Clean Lazer serve you permanent solutions by qualified components that are provided from UK, USA, Russia, Brasil and Hong Kong. Clean Lazer could answer all questions and problems about IPL and Laser devices however their brands are different eachother.

We are able to renew your all kind of laser IPL Lamps. Our all products proud by having Heraeus Noblelight brand which are made in Germany. Please contact us !

It is quite enough to call us to renew your IPL lamps and handpieces, also for your all system problems, brokes.

AClean Lazer is providing qualified brands in Turkey for customers' pleasure. Clean Lazer has delivered IPL lamps, handpieces, systems, devices, cooling and control systems, power supplies to all country and more than 25 states on different areas of the world.
BClean Lazer who aims that serving customer at right time, had proved its quailty on its being sector and took big succesful steps. So we have became permament company on Beauty and Aesthetic sector in Turkey. Clean Lazer makes the best in Turkey on suppling devices and also technical points.

Clean Lazer, HERAEUS NOBLELIGHT Distributor of Turkey's Single And Original Lamp Company is a Distributor.
Aesthetic Beauty by Technology