IPL Cooling Systems

Cooling systems are working with handpiece of IPL systems and they care devices in case of high warming. Laser devices generally have a small water tanks and water in it must be pure water or water which include minimal lime.

Water in the tank must change every month regularly and every six month it must clean or renew if it is necessary. Because any minor trouble shall bring big troubles. And also, burned water shall cause problems on mainboard and expecially on handpiece. You can ask more imformation and meanwhile Clean Lazer renew cooling systems regularly...

Cooling systems are very important for devices and expecially handpieces. IPL Hair Removal Devices can work more easily than which has not. It never let cause problems beacuse of warning.

And the most important point is that your customers feedback will be more positive if your devices has a good and well-kept cooling system.

IPL Laser Cooling Systems
IPL Laser Cooling Systems
IPL Laser Cooling Systems
IPL Laser Cooling Systems
AClean Lazer is providing qualified brands in Turkey for customers' pleasure. Clean Lazer has delivered IPL lamps, handpieces, systems, devices, cooling and control systems, power supplies to all country and more than 25 states on different areas of the world.
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