Priority Services


Renewing IPL Laser Lamps

We are able to renew your all kind of laser IPL Lamps. Our all products proud by having Heraeus Noblelight brand which are made in France.


Renewing IPL HandPieces

IPL handpieces are renewed with its original parts and we find solutions for your IPL laser machines.


7/24 Technical Support

You are free to call us any day, all week and can ask your questions about problems of medical devices. We are ready to serve you...



Cooling Systems, control modules, digital screens, handpieces and other spare parts on Laser systems.

Other Services

IPL Lamps - Ipl Production Glasses
Production Glasses

Production glasses for Laser devices are really necessary for your patients and also your expert who use laser device.

IPL Lamps - IPL Laser Lamps - IPL Power Supplies
Power Supplies

Any kind of power supplies are providing for any medical devices (Aesthetic Beauty) for your pleasure.

IPL Lamps - IPL Laser Lamps - IPL Filters
IPL Filters

For different treatment solutions, you can use filters with your handpieces, so get beter result on your patients' problems.

IPL Lamps - IPL Laser Lamps - IPL Cooling Systems
Cooling Systems

Cooling systems are so necessary for IPL laser systems. Be noticed that; If you want to make your devices' life longer, need to get a fine cooling system with your device.

IPL Lamps - IPL Laser Lamps - IPL Sapphire Crystals
IPL Sapphire Crystals

You can find any size of crystals for your IPL Laser devices by Clean Lazer staff. For sapphire crystals and other different parts that have been produced by different raw materials.

IPL Lamps - IPL Laser Lamps - IPL Control Unites
Control Unites (Modules)

Control unites, mainboards, spare parts, cooling systems and etc. You are free to ask for your all questions about aesthetic beauty devices.